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Plant Stem Cell Technology?

Plant stem cell technology is based on the principle of controlled reproduction of undifferentiated plant cells in culture and obtaining plant components specific to stem cells.

When plant tissues are subjected to mechanical damage, they form cell masses called callus in order to repair the damage.

Callus cells are totipotent and have the ability to transform into all cells and organs of the plant and even to form a new plant. For this reason, they are called stem cells.

Plant stem cells have new cell generation and cell renewal activity thanks to their totipotent properties.

Plant stem cells help to repair damaged tissue and protect the plant against harsh environmental conditions.


It shows its cell renewal activity on human cells as well as plants.


These properties enable plant stem cells to be an effective cosmetic active ingredient.


ACTV Biotechnology has developed ProliCell Technology by combining elicitor application methods obtained as a result of R&D studies with Plant stem cell technology.


In ProliCell Technology, stimulants called elicitor are applied to plant stem cells, simulating the stress conditions that plants are exposed to under natural conditions or plant stem cells are directed.

Thus, effective and specific solutions to cosmetic problems are obtained thanks to small RNAs that activate different cellular pathways on human skin cells.


It both protects nature and saves labor and resources (soil and water). Greatly reduces carbon footprint compared to traditional plant cultivation.


Cell cultures are obtained from plants cultured in vitro under controlled laboratory conditions. It is not affected by environmental conditions.


It does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) known to be harmful to human health.

Independent Production

Production can be made independently of external factors (soil composition, climate and season).


It is completely natural, does not contain chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Standard


Plant cells are directed for the synthesis of specific molecules. The desired active ingredients are synthesized in the most efficient amounts and ratios.


How do we get the miraculous
effect from the plant stem cell?

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