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management systems for continuous and stable success...

We care about meeting customer demands and
expectations and increasing customer satisfaction by
supporting this with our continuous improvement
activities without compromising high quality and hygiene

We aim to comply with national and international
legal requirements, regulations and standards,
and to produce at acceptable costs by increasing

We believe, therefore we are!

We aim to be an organization that is proudly mentioned not only today but
also in the future, leaving a reliable mark for both our country and the world.

Continious innovation

We aim to continuously improve all our processes by effectively managing risks and opportunities, and to increase the product range with research and development activities.

Investing in People

We aim to provide the necessary resources for the competence and sufficiency of our employees, to increase employee motivation and to produce correct every time.

Growing Together

We care about growing and spreading awareness of quality, OHS, Environment and Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices by bringing in the suppliers, business partners and customers we cooperate with..

Sustainable Environment
Clean Technology

We care about reuse, recycling and recovery by using clean technologies in product design and production processes. We work to develop scientific and economic solutions to ensure efficient use of natural resources.

We must take a step today to leave a carefully protected environment for the future.

With the awareness that the resources in the world are not infinite, we attach importance to the efficient use of natural resources by
taking the necessary actions, to go beyond legal regulations, to protect the environment, and to take into account the environmental
dimension and effects of all our activities.


We respect people, nature, environment and society.


We implement concrete practices that will reduce our carbon footprint every year.


We protect natural resources and develop solutions beneficial to nature.


In all our activities, we implement the Environmental Management System iwith ISO 14001: 2004 standards.

With our technology, we achieve significant gains in terms of sustainability.

Allows the use of rare plants.

It minimizes plant and water use.

Does not contain chemicals such as pesticides and GMOs

It does not require the use of soil.


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