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Developed from Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) stem cells using ProliCell® Technology.

What is ProliCell® Technology?

ProliCell® Technology enables to benefit the effects of plant stem cells and small RNAs in their vesicles.

Effect Mechanism

ProliCell® SymStem contains enriched stem cell components and stem cell specific exogenous small RNAs thanks to the elicitor application.

Comfrey owes its medicinal effects to Rosmarinic acid and Allantoin compounds, which it contains especially in high amounts. These compounds have effects that accelerate tissue regeneration and wound healing, and also show anti-inflammatory activity. 

ACTV Biotechnology has developed ProliCell SymStem by combining these beneficial activities of the comfrey herb with ProliCell Technology. ProliCell SymStem shows strong anti-aging and wound-healing activity with the effect of specific small RNAs to comfrey stem cells, intense amounts of Rosmarinic acid and Allantoin. It also reduces the signs of aging by stimulating the synthesis of extracellular matrix components.


How Does ProliCell
SymStem Effect?

In Vivo Efficacy Test

A study was conducted by applying Skin Barrier Booster Cream containing 2% ProliCell SymStem to the face area of 22 volunteers, aged between 33 and 59 (average 45.8 ±8.4), twice a day for 56 days. Measurements were recorded before starting treatment (DO), after 4 weeks of treatment (D28) and after 8 weeks of treatment (D56).

Effects of Skin Barrier Booster Cream in Volunteer

Roman Herb, Comfrey, Symphytum officinale...

Symphytum officinale was one of the most powerful medicinal plants revered by the Romans, its use dating back to 400 BC. The Roman scientist Plinius th Great discovered that comfrey roots, when boiled, effectively glued the meat. After this discovery, comfrey was often used to repair flesh tears and bone fractures.

Comfrey grass was also a very popular herb in the Middle Ages. The pulp obtained from the leaves and roots of the plant was used in the treatment of bruises, sprains, wounds and fractures.


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