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Developed from Cydonia oblonga (Quince) stem cells using ProliCell® Technology.

What is ProliCell® Technology?

ProliCell® Technology enables to benefit the effects of plant stem cells and small RNAs in their vesicles.

Effect Mechanism

ProliCell® Quince contains enriched stem cell components and stem cell specific exogenous small RNAs thanks to the elicitor application. In addition to that, treatment of artificial miRNAs (mir172) stimulates the expression of mucilage (MUM4 gene), which provides moisturizing and elasticity-enhancing activity from quince stem cells.

Mucilage are herbal ingredients that are frequently used in cosmetic applications as antioxidant, binding agent, emollient, emulsifier, gelling agent, granulating agent, lubricant, suspending agent and skin soothing agent. Phenolic compounds are molecules that show antioxidant activity, reduce oxidative damage and slow down skin aging. Quince cells have the capacity to produce mucilage and phenolic compounds.

ACTV Biotechnology has genetically manipulated quince cells temporarily with artificial miRNAs it has developed and has produced a miraculous mucilage for cosmetics from quince cells. 


How Does ProliCell
Quince Effect?

Human Health and Beauty in Every Detail, Quince, Cydonia oblonga...

It has been revealed that Cydonia oblonga (Quince), a member of the Rosaceae family, was grown in Greece in 650 BC and spread to other European countries from there. The main reason for the cultivation and spread of this plant, which has such a long history, is the miraculous effects of its leaves, fruits and seeds on human health and beauty.

This miraculous plant from history to the present has been traditionally used by women for anti-aging, removal of under-eye bruises, acne spots, skin spots, wounds after breastfeeding and postpartum sagging. This miraculous effect is hidden in the gel-like substance called mucilage in the seed extract, which can aloo be obtained by keeping the quince seeds in warm water.


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