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Active Hair Follicles
with Stem Cells


Developed from Malva sylvestris (Mallow) stem cells using ProliCell® Technology

What is ProliCell® Technology?

ProliCell® Technology enables to benefit the effects of plant stem cells and small RNAs in their vesicles.

Effect Mechanism

ProliCell® Malva contains enriched stem cell components and stem cell specific exogenous small RNAs thanks to the elicitor application.

Scientific studies have shown that Mallow has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, wound healing, liver protective, analgesic and anti-microbial effects.

ACTV Biotechnology has developed ProliCell Malva by combining the beneficial activities of malva that provide hair health and beauty with ProliCell Technology.



How Does
ProliCell Malva

The Secret of Ottoman Women's Beauty and Lush Hair, Mallow, Malva...

Mallow, with its Latin name Malva slyvestris, is a biennial or perennial
herbaceous plant mostly distributed in Europe, North Africa and Southwest
Asia. It is known that it was also used by the Romans and Greeks in ancient
times due to its emollient and laxative effects.

The use of mallow for beauty as well as other medicinal uses dates back to
ancient times. Mallow was the plant most used by women to provide hair care
and beauty during the Ottoman period. Therefore, dried mallow was sent to the
palace. Since the beauty symbol of women in the Ottoman period was long and
lush hair, women gave great importance to their hair and after washing their
hair, they made hair care with the water they obtained by boiling the leaves and
flowers of mallow.


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