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Soy has high levels of protein, minerals, vitamins and isoflavones with strong antityrosinase activity. ProliCell IsoStem was developed by ACTV Biotechnology using soy stem cells and isoflavones.

ProliCell technology is based on the principle of producing an isoflavone complex with anti-tyrosinase activity by determining the most effective phase of isoflavone synthesis in soybean stem cells and applying elicitors in the appropriate phase to the cells. ProliCell IsoStem shows potent anti-tyrosinase activity and transcriptionally suppresses melanin synthesis.


How Does ProliCell
IsoStem Effect?

Magnificent of the Far East, Yellow Jewellery, Ancient Soy Glycine max...

The history of the soy plant, which the Far Easterners call the magnificent
plant, the blessed plant, the plant of the god, the breeding gold, and the yellow
jewel, dates back 4000 years. Soy has been used for many years as a basic
nutrient in the Far East due to its high protein, mineral and vitamin content


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