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About Us

We are a biotechnology company that transforms the miraculous effects of plants into active ingredients.

As a result of R&D studies that started in 2011, we were established in Istanbul, in 2015. In addition to being the first company in Turkey to develop active ingredients for the cosmetic industry using ‘plant stem cell’ technology, we are proud to be the only center in Turkey with a biotechnology laboratory capable of providing world-class service.

Sustainable and scientific! Always better, forward in biotechnology...

 Our basic vision is to always research and develop better in order to create benefits for our country and the world. We are always trying to innovate in the field of biotechnology in the light of science, responsible for nature, sensitive to people and all living things.

The important thing is; be a part of real discoveries...

As ACTV Biotechnology, our basic mission is to meet the active substance needs of our country in an effective and high quality manner with the principle of continuous research and development, as well as following scientific developments. 

While developing innovative, high-quality and technological raw materials, we care about using sustainable methods that minimize plant and water use, do not harm the ecosystem.

As a company that has developed different and effective scientific solutions to biological problems in our ongoing journey since 2015, we aim to increase the number of innovative products day by day with scientific research based on sectoral needs.

We turn our ideas into effective solutions with our expert and dynamic team. Day by day, we move forward the biotechnological methods which used in order to maximize the benefit we stimulate the plant cells.


ACTV Biyoteknoloji Genel Müdürü / General Manager

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About Us

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